The Story of Flymble

Once upon a time there were 2 young dudes that wanted to travel to a far away land. But there was an obstacle - the flights were super expensive. However, they didn’t give up, they were determined to go. By the time they saved up enough money the airfare prices have skyrocketed. And then they came up with a totally dope idea: how awesome would it be to spread the cost of the ticket over time in order to protect yourself from the annoying price increase or having to book the ticket to early?

The Start

The guys started watching a bunch of YouTube tutorials to learn how to code and wrote the first version of the website. They received loads of messages from development teams around the world, including 7ninjas from Poland, which teamed up with them for a while. The 2 dudes realized they had to grow their team so they snatched a guy from 7ninjas and got him to move to Amsterdam even though they’ve never seen each other before.

So the 3 of us - Vincent, Henry & Feodar - we’re Flymble! A young startup with a sweet product, determined to make you travel as much as possible.

The Product

Our platform is super easy to use. We care about the design a lot, so it’s both gorgeous and hyperfunctional. We’re just about to introduce our main and definitely the coolest ‘fly now, pay later’ feature. After selecting the flight you can simply select the amount of payback months and head to the far away land of your desire without having to go bankrupt. We also have these cool filters - let’s say you wanna party in a different city this weekend and you wanna fly out in the evening and come back in the morning with a direct flight. Use filters to look for evening, morning and direct flights only.

We move at the speed of light, our platform is 16 times faster than the ones from our Dutch competitors. We have fancy stats - if you purchase all your tickets through Flymble you’ll see the amount of flights booked, or total time spent in a certain country. While other websites don’t show the price on the checkout page, we do, and if there’s a price change you’ll be notified by a pop up. Also, we’re the only flight search engine whose flight results look like actual tickets, which is pretty neat.


We’re at Startupbootcamp at the moment and the program director introduces us to large corporates and banks as the youngest team here, but also the team that complains when the office closes at midnight. People go to Startupbootcamp for 3 reasons: funding, partnerships and the knowledge you can get from the workshops and mentors. We wanted to learn more about project management, negotiation with VCs, and how to build a team. The most important lesson we got out of it is that you need to research very carefully before actually doing something, mistakes cost money. We make a pretty good team, one of us makes sure we don’t take any risks and checks every possible scenario before doing something while the two of us just wanna keep on moving and making things happen.

The Demo Day

We’re working on the Demo Day pitch super hard. We wanna sound strong and convincing yet not like a ‘90s Microsoft ‘BUY! BUY! BUY!’ type of commercial. The presentation will be thematic and we’re creating a game where people can win flight tickets. We’re also thinking of including the element of surprise so sit back and enjoy the show!

Next Steps & Goals

We’re working on the next and even cooler version of the website, improving the ticket and email design and adding new payment options (PayPal/Visa/Mastercard). We wanna create as many partnerships as possible throughout different countries and make the ‘fly now, pay later’ feature available for a huge amount of people. In the end we want to be a B2C platform, that’s for sure. If you do a B2C platform in the travel industry, you’ll have massive marketing expenses and since it’s an extra competitive market already, we think the only way to survive is to partner up with large companies.

Now let us take on you the adventure of your life!

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